Price: $25 (taxes may be added, depending on your location)

A license will entitle you to use Flopzilla on two computers. You must be the owner of both computers.
It’s not permitted to sell/share/gift/led/rent/etc licenses to other people.

Step 1

Transfer $25 by one of the following methods:

Step 2

Click the button below to request your key. It will be mailed to you within a few minutes

Step 3

To enter the key in Flopzilla:
1. Start Flopzilla
2. Go to “register” in its menu
3. Enter your e-mail address
4. Enter your key
5. Click on “Activate key!”
The license is lifetime, with all upgrades included.
Taxes may still be added, depending on your location.

The purchase includes both FlopzillaPro and Flopzilla v1.
You can register both versions on each licensed computer.