Flop breakdown tool

The flop breakdown tool can be opened with its icon at the top right of the "statistics" section.
This icon will only be visible in preflop mode (so if no flop is entered under "Board").

The tool will display a breakdown in of the flops into unpaired, paired (top), paired (bottom) and trip flops.
So for example, there's 1872 paired flops, where the top card is paired (such as AA2, KKT, 887).

And for each pair type a further breakdown is provided into rainbow, 2flush and mono flops.
So, in the pic below we can see that there's 10296 unpaired 2flush flops.

More advanced filters are also available.

Example 1

The section at the bottom of the menu displays a random sample of flops that are currently passing the filters.

To remove all paired and trip flops, disable their checkmarks (see pic below).
Now, only the 18304 unpaired flops pass the filters.

The field "flop values" allows us to set the values of the cards.
The top row represents the highest card, the middle row the middle card, etc.

So the pic below filters for unpaired flops where the top card is A, and the bottom two cards are 8 or lower.
There's 1344 of such flops in total.
Of these flops, 504 are rainbow, 756 are 2flush and 84 are monotone.

Example 2

For the second example, let's see how many unpaired K high flops there are where the bottom two cards are connected, but the K is more than 3 gaps away from the second card.

For this, again, disable all paired and trip flops.
Then, for "unpaired flop" disable "2flush" and "monotone" so that only "rainbow" remains.
Under "flop values", select only K for the top card.

The "straight structure" can now be used to define straight properties.
See the screenshot below for the field that filters for the properties that we're looking for.
Apparently there's 144 of such flops.

And the section at the bottom shows examples of the current selection, such as Kh8s7d.