Example: Preflop breakdown of top pair

To get a detailed breakdown of how top pair will hit the flop, mouse over it (with no flop having been entered for the board).

A popup will appear.
Right-click to fix the popup.

The top field will show the overall chance of hitting top pair.
In this case it's a chance of 14.1182%.

The left part of the second field will display a breakdown into pair properties.
So you will hit top pair on an unpaired board 12.8847% of the time.
And top pair on a paired board 1.2335% of the time.
In 0.1301% you will have top pair on an unpaired board, but also an OESD.

The right part of the second field displays a breakdown into flush properties.
So in 7.8644% you will hit top pair on a 2flush board.
In 0.2749% you will hit top pair + a flushdraw.
And in 7.5895% you will hit top pair on a 2flush board, but not hold a flushdraw yourself.

The bottom field shows a matrix of pair properties versus flush properties.
So the pair properties from the second field are now in the vertical axis of the matrix.
And the flush properties are in the horizontal axis.
So, we can see that in 0.6168% of the cases you will hit top pair on a 2flush paired board.
In all of these cases you will not hold a flushdraw yourself; apparently this is not possible.

The fields for "2flush,fd" and "mono,fd" in the matrix represent the cases where you also hold a flushdraw.
These fields are coloured green and blue.
The columns on the lower right will show you the grade of the corresponding flushdraw.

Using groups in preflop breakdowns

Group mode can be used to visualize different properties in preflop breakdowns.
For example, see below for a visual representation of hitting a rainbow vs 2flush vs mono flop.
The option "Only display grouped hands" is ON, so that only hands with filters are displayed.