FlopzillaPro: Change list

v2.0.8 (19/4/2022)
- Added Spanish as language.
- Predef menu can now be enlarged further.
- If default font is not present, a different font is used.
- Other changes and bugfixes

v2.0.7 (22/2/2022)
- Added CTRL, SHIFT and CTRL+SHIFT to predef menu
- Added Russian language files
- Added Chinese language files
- Added Spanish as output language. Language files are still being processed.
- Code changes to account for certain words taking up more space
- Other changes and bugfixes

v2.0.6 (21/1/2022)
- Added Russian and Chinese language output. Looking for translators.
- Added bunching. Basically, a range can now be considered as being drawn from the deck, but dead.
- Added ability to convert preflop range from a few new external formats.
- Added "Settings->Dark mode" option.
- When exporting to GTO+, now correcting for board cards.
- Other changes and bugfixes

v2.0.5 (17/11/2021)
- Ability to set custom night mode strength.
- Other changes and bugfixes

v2.0.4 (8/5/2020)
- Small changes and bugfixes

v2.0.3 (11/3/2020)
- Multiline input now possible for edit box
- CTRL can now be used for preflop groups
- Added code approach for installing ranges and downloading files
- Added lines to equity graph
- Other changes and bugfixes

v2.0.2 (12/11/2019)
- Preflop groups can now be split into multiple groups (manual).
- Added option for custom naming of preflop groups (manual).
- Added option to invert postflop ranges.
- Added ability to add notes (Alt+N).
- Pressing CTRL while mousing over preflop matrix will display filtered postflop range (only in case postflop filters are ON).
- Other changes and bugfixes

- Smallish changes and bugfixes

- First release