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Using HoldEq with Flopzilla?
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v1.8.4.1 (up since 13/8/2017)
- Bugfix in HoldEq

v1.8.4 (up since 15/6/2017)
- Changes and bugfixes

v1.8.3 (up since 31/5/2016)
- Changes and bugfixes

v1.8.2 (up since 20/12/2015)
- Some smallish bugfixes

v1.8.1 BETA (up since 29/11/2015)
- Sub-categories can now be added in predef menu (more)
- New edit mode for moving large numbers of ranges (more)
- Some other changes

v1.8.0 (up since 29/11/2015)
- Added equity matrix to HoldEq
- Bugfix

v1.7.9 (up since 5/10/2015)
- Flopzilla no longer works if PokerStars.exe is present

v1.7.8 BETA (up since 26/7/2015)
- HoldEq can now also be started from Flopzilla
- Predef menu can be resized
- Small changes and bugfixes

v1.7.6 (up since 11/7/2015)
- General performance improvement
- HoldEq now also available within Flopzilla directory
- Ctrl+Alt+T now also includes option to show weights
- Alt+W removes custom filters for current board
- Small changes and bugfixes

v1.7.5 (up since 9/4/2015)
- Bugfix

v1.7.4 (up since 7/4/2015)
- Bugfix for importing savefiles
- New update for AlternateReg.exe
- Some graphics changes

v1.7.3 (up since 25/2/2015)
- Added ability to set last board card for equity calcs
- New functionality for AlternateReg.exe
- Weight always 100% if no weight selected
- Bugfixes and changes

v1.7.2 (up since 3/2/2015)
- When connected to HoldEq and exporting to equity graph, mouse over a stat in Flopzilla to see the hands in that stat in the graph (pic)
- Ability to import suited strings (like AhKh,AhQh,AhJh,...)
- Screen can now be magnified (Settings->Magnify screen)
- Number of weight buttons increased to 5
- Pressing 0-5 now (de)selects weight 1 through 5
- Option to hide equity for equity training (right-click the equity field)
- Bugfixes and changes

v1.7.1 (up since 12/12/2014)
- Bugfix in invert feature

v1.7.0 (up since 10/12/2014)
- Some new features for HoldEq
- Instructional video for HoldEq+Flopzilla
- Can now import/export suit settings from/to CardRunnersEV
- Added "invert" button (next to absolute/cumulative button)
- Number of lines in predef menu now dynamic
- Option to restore hand from last instance
- Option to restore predefs from list of backup files
- Option to restore savefile from list of backup files
- Ctrl+X now stores quicksave. Quick-load with Alt+X (X is 0-9)
- Changes in communication protocol with HoldEq
- Changes in save protocol for storing predefs
- Changes in drawing graphics for slow systems
- Bugfixes and changes

v1.6.9 (up since 30/9/2014)
- Changes in "register" menu to account for new key system
- Bugfixes and small changes

v1.6.8 (up since 25/6/2014)
- Predefs now also contain suit settings
- Weights now also included in text import/export of range
- Suits now also included in text export of range
- Last loaded range is highlighted for 30 seconds
- If range is selected when storing range, that range is overwritten
- Small bugfixes and changes

v1.6.7 (up since 2/4/2014)
- "Hotness" now also imported from HoldEq
- Color now also stored in predefined range export
- Mouse scroll now has resolution of 1%
- Mouse scroll can now select 33.3% and 66.7%
- Overlap matrix now also shows weights
- "Clear all fields" now also clears weights for statistics
- Small bugfixes and changes

v1.6.6 (up since 28/2/2014)
- Added capability to connect to HoldEq
- Added key generator for HoldEq

v1.6.5 (up since 2/10/2013)
- Small bugfixes and changes

v1.6.3 (up since 31/8/2013)
- Small bugfixes and changes

v1.6.2 (up since 13/7/2013)
- Small bugfix

v1.6.1 (up since 12/7/2013)
- Flopzilla will now always run as admin
- Option to import/export predefined ranges (under Save/load)
- New dragable scroll bar for predefs.
- Preflop calcs now roughly 7 times faster
- Preflop calcs now done automatically
- "Best hand" tracked for preflop stats
- New undo system (Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+R)
- Option to store window size (under Settings)
- Some minor changes+fixes

v1.6.0 (up since 1/7/2013)
- Beta release

v1.5.9 (up since 1/1/2013)
- Boundaries of matrix light up in yellow when hovering
- Added suit restriction to slider's combo counter
- Added "random" button for dead cards
- Other minor fixes and changes to software

- Added preflop suit selection (below starting hand matrix)
- Added "Clear all fields button"
- Added optional vertical scrollbar to Flopzilla
- Several improvements to the graphics
- Several minor bugfixes and improvements